Smarter routes

Project Information

Project Title:
iRoute (Integrated Analytical Software Platform for Planning, Optimizing and Monitoring Logistics Vehicle Fleets
(EUREKA – A Europe-wide Network for Market-Oriented Industrial R&D and Innovation, UEFISCDI contract no. 191/2020 / 01.10.2020 )

Project Director:
Florian Anghelache

Politehnica University Bucharest Representative:
Constantin Viorel MARIAN

Andraž Žertek

Total Budget Project:
830,984 € / Public Budget: 491,992 €

Project implementation duration:
36 months

Financed by:
UEFISCDI – Innovation Programme – European Cooperation Eureka – Eurostars Subprogramme.

Visit iRoute project on the EUREKA/Eurostars website.

Project Description

For transportation service providers keeping pace with the demands of the marketplace has become increasingly complex. Handling orders, collecting and delivering goods is a challenge for many companies. As the competitive race increases, many companies are looking for new solutions, develop new internal processes and evaluate new revenue and profit generating models.

Big vendors for VRS systems (Vehicle Routing and Scheduling) like SAP, Oracle, JDA are primarily focused on enterprise customers with on-premise solutions. The other categories of customers – SMB (Small and Medium Business) and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) do not have too many options to choose from for a solution that help them achieve the above results. Moreover, the existing solutions need complex implementation and expensive monthly costs. Without an integrated VRS platform as the backbone of a transportation business, companies tend to become reliant on the skills of people who are good of pulling data out of different systems and consume it in spreadsheets. Inevitably, at some critical point in the company’s lifecycle, this situation creates a bottleneck for management decision making.

In this project we will develop an innovative VRS (vehicle planning, scheduling and route optimization) solution, the iRoute platform. The scope of this solution is to help the SME customers to do more business with their existing resources and reduce the cost of operating their resources. iRoute is about planning and optimizing resources such as vehicles, drivers and specialists for handling end-customer orders within the agreed constraints (location, time-windows, capacities, specialization and so on).

Project Status – Finished Phase 4 (out of 4) – Developed iRoute final prototype