iSYS Professional, UPB & Inden d.o.o.

Project iRoute is a joint initiative of 3 organizations from Romania and Slovenia, with two commercial companies and a public university. All of them have experience in R&D projects and their results support their objective of building such a complex and flexible solution.

Having experience with building cloud solutions, iSYS Professional (Romania) knows very well the operational environments, particularly the distribution, transport and service management. The company is among the Top 5 providers of telematics services / TSP in Romania. Currently iSYS, which monitor more than 25000 vehicles, offers its services (SaaS) to local companies. The company has a partnership with one of the biggest telecom operators in Romania and have a good visibility in the market.

The UPB (Romania) team has lot of experience in developing software and hardware systems from previous research projects (Eureka Questor, Eurostar i-Bracelet, Eurostar i-Light). The team has a good expertise in algorithms, ICT medical, sensors and networking. It will assure the academic support both in hardware and software concentrating mostly in the algorithms for AI and data processing.

Inden’s (Slovenia) expertise cover the field of data analytics solutions design, development and testing. This includes problem definition and creating proof-of-concept prototypes, small scale demo development and designing scalable architecture for large scale deploy. Some of our main expertise include in-depth understanding of wide range of data technologies frameworks such as integration frameworks and pipelines, analytical frameworks for data processing and data services development.